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3008 Meier Rd 
Madison WI 53718 US

Open for appointments 9-4 Weekdays / Closed 11:30-12:30

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Karen Reik - Blue Mounds, WI
The service is very complete. All my questions were answered about security. 
I was very pleased and plan to use this service again.

Kay Anderson - Waunakee, WI
I loved the prompt response ~ within a few hours my computer had been picked up from our home. I wish I'd called months before.

Barbara Hunt - Verona, WI
Very friendly service!
Very prompt!
Wonderful to have someone come and pick up at your home!

Geriann Schultz - Verona, WI
Just to say thank you for your service - your company was very easy to work with and it is a good feeling to know that I will not be putting my printer into a landfill. I will recommend your service to all friends & family.

Cindy Vickerman - Milton, WI
I was very happy with the service I received!! Ed helped me right away with unloading my computer from the car. He took the time to explain the recycling service too! I feel a lot better knowing that my computer won't end up in a landfill and pollute the environment!! I have told many people about your service and plan to continue referring people to you in the future! I have more electronics in my home to dispose of, and will be returning to see you in the future!! Thanks for doing a great job, providing a needed service, and doing it in such an informative and friendly way! 

Jean O'Neil - Verona, WI
You guys are great! The 'pickup' guy was here 20 minutes after I called. 
I only wish that I had called you sooner - next time :-)

Jean Reimann, Specialty Auto - Arena, WI
I am happy to have found an E-Waste company which embraces the same recycling values that I embrace.

Dennis Geary - Verona, WI
Your service and response were terrific; prompt response, pickup at the door and a reasonable price. 
I felt confident my items would be dealt with responsibly.

Bill Kirkpatrick - Madison, WI
Thanks for handling our transactions so smoothly. 
We appreciated hearing about the process of the recycling you do and are very satisfied to hear our stuff won't clog up a landfill! 
Also, we appreciated the friendly tone at the office! :-) Thanks!

Phil Awes - Madison, WI
Very helpful & efficient in taking in old computer.

Barbara Jarvis - Baraboo, WI
File 13 made it so easy to recycle my old computer equipment. 
They kindly explained their services to me over the phone and gave me great directions to their location. I was in and out in just a few minutes. A very painless and inexpensive process.

Jan Croke - Madison, WI
I was impressed by every aspect of your company - File 13. But in particular -
- Your prompt, pleasant & personalized service.
- A "live" person answered the phone when I called & there was no need for me to punch in various numbers to have the call diverted to "customer service".
- Pick up of my electronics was arranged to accommodate my schedule! VERY IMPRESSIVE!!
- Ed was extremely knowledgeable about the recycling process & answered all my questions.
Good luck guys! I think you're doing a great job! :-)

Richard Robbins - Madison, WI
I was very happy to find a way to recycle my old electronics in a responsible way. I feel that it is important to treat the environment with respect, as it is ultimately my home, and I want my home to be a good place to live. File 13 made it very easy to dispose of some things that I could no longer use. They came to my house to collect these items, so it was a minimal effort on my part. I found this a valuable service and appreciate the friendly and positive experience. Thanks Ed!

Darci McRoberts - Verona, WI
It feels good to recycle rather than toss. I like that you're local and do pick ups. 
Very friendly too :-)

John Stanga - Madison, WI
The fact that I can sleep easier knowing my toxic waste is not going to be poisoning children in developing countries is the icing on the cake. 
If you have a conscience, please help this company grow!

Ken Hobbs - Lake Mills WI
Great Service! Came right to the door & picked up old computer!

Mary Zander - Oregon, WI
Didn't expect such quick , pleasant service. 
Came within an hour of my call!

Bill Anderson - Fitchburg, WI
You made it quick and easy to recycle electronics responsibly. 
I really appreciate what you do for our environment.

Dave Watts - Madison, WI
Great service, great program for handling electronic waste. 
We plan to recommend it & use the service again.

Peter Gehrke - McFarland, WI
Great service, friendly, courteous. 
Answered the phone - live. 
Gave full information, explained all services very well.
Prompt - picked up the TV  (from the basement, yet) 
Easy to work with - they made it user friendly
Would I refer them? You bet.
Good luck and work hardly!

Gerald Day - Madison, WI
Thank you for removing my old electronics. I know they had to be disposed. 
I called and you asked "when would you like us to come and get them". You are a company of your word. The cost was low. I would refer your company to friends of mine anytime.

Sue Simpson - McFarland, WI
Thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism and recognizing the need for finding ways to recycle everything as much as possible, or appropriate disposal of all waste. Throwing it and dumping it is not an acceptable answer. Manufacturers of products to the point of disposal should work together toward these solutions. Your efficiency in responding to the request for pick-up of a disposable, your kindness in the process and knowing there are those of you who are solving these problems for us was a gift and enlightening in a difficult industry. Thank you so much.

Drew Lawrence - Waunakee, WI 
I was very glad I searched to find a company that could recycle it all!
Of course it's very dissapointing that the "bigs" who pick up on the curb weekly don't really do a recycling job I paid for already. But I was pleased to reach you guys through the web and phone.  I knew I had a dead TV, CPU, microwave and monitor ready to go, but then I found a few more items stashed in the basement to fill up my pickup box. (I guess I'll never fix those VHSs.)  Recycling is definitely the thing to do. I'm sure I could have put some of these things in the dumpster, but that just isn't right any more. Just making one stop, rather than hunting down certain recyclers, is a huge plus. I know the nasty content in some items will end up in the right place.
Keep up your good work  . . . our world needs it!

Thom Jones, Systems Manager, Isthmus Publishing Co., Inc. - Madison, WI
The best thing I can say about File 13 is that I am currently stacking a new wall of old technology to be ready for another recycling run next spring. I'm sold on your services after using them both professionally and personally. The pickup service is great, the prices are very fair, the attention to detail and

documentation meticulous, the humor and good natured banter was refreshing - in short, very personal service for a very good cause. If you do even a little research into where the used equipment will ultimately end up, you will choose these folks. They are passionate about what they do and why they do it. And it shows.

Cindie & Mark Grantin - Oregon, WI
*Returned phone call request immediately!
*Very friendly & professional guys.
*Able to pick up our equipment on the same day & were ultra-prompt!
*VERY reasonable rates & we really appreciate what you're doing to help the environment.
*I'm recommending you to everyone I know who may need your service. 

*So nice to deal with people who remember the definition of Customer Service.

Holly Beach, Owner of Silly Yak Bakery - Madison, WI
My Gluten Free & Whole Wheat Bakery had old outdated electronic

equipment that had to be disposed of. How to do it safely, correctly & environmental friendly? File 13 to the rescue! They even make Bakery (House) Calls. I highly recommend them. 

Karen Houlihan - Madison, WI
I recommend File 13 for the following reasons:
- Removed items from my basement
- Friendly service
- Human person answers phone
- Same day pick up
- Reasonable rates

Cheri Faust, Girl Scouts of Blackhawk Council, Inc. - Madison, WI
We were very pleased to discover File 13! Our inquiries were answered promptly and it was easy to make arrangements for disposing of our old computer equipment. The pick-up service made all the difference in the world - no loading and unloading!

Thank you so much for proving fast and friendly service. We coudn't have been happier with the transaction.

Ted Bailey - Belleville, WI
I'm thankful to finally have this local, competant, reasonable resource available.

Barth Zurbuchen Zurbuchen Oil - Verona, WI
You have a tough job.

I voluntarily permitted you to take $125,000 of computer hardware with resident vertical market software that was worth absolutely NOTHING! No angst here.

Thanks for your quick response and pickup of our obsolete equipment and your environmental moral purpose to recycle rather than bury.

Now if you could apply your principles to politicians?

Hugh Hauser - Verona, WI
It's great to have a place to take these types of materials where you can drop them off and know they are being recycled.

You made it very easy.

Nick Hall, Tecmarket Works - Oregon, WI
File 13 made it easy for us to get rid of our overstock of used computer equipment!
We just dialed their number and they did the rest!

Joanne Hanna-Viney - Verona, WI
I was very satisfied with File 13.

They came out & picked up my TV & exerciser right away.

Carolyn Griffin, Office Manager, Catholic Charities - Diocese of Madison
Thank you for the service you offer the community to help save our environment. 
I was so grateful to learn of you from our upstairs neighbors Toni Aleman from the National Council on Crime and Delinquency.

I have passed your flyers on to all of our 13 locations.

Keep up the good work!!!!!

Pat Arthur - Verona, WI
I appreciated your close location to our home ~ will definately recommend your business to our business ~ also it was a pleasure to be offered friendly courteous service ~ I thank you!

Gloria Stehley, Owner of Saving Thyme - Stoughton, WI
They provide prompt pick up.
I love the recycling they do - carefully selecting the parts that can be reused and properly disposing of the rest.

Responsible recycling is what they do!

Teresa - SW WI

Great people to deal with.

They walked us through the process of getting rid of old equipment without any worries of where it would end up.

They are doing things through the proper channels.

Dan Bennett, IT, International Dairy·Deli·Bakery Association - Madison, WI
It was a pleasure working with File 13.  

Very friendly, professional and easy to work with.

Their rates are very competetive and the pick-up service made the disposal much more convenient.

Tara Boldebuck - Verona, WI
I'm so happy there is a safe and reliable way to dispose of large electronics.

File 13 E-Waste Solutions made it very easy to recycle items and prevent them from ending up in landfills.

I will continue to use their service in the future.

Rick Haralson - Madison, WI
The company works with you for pickup arrangements according to your work schedule.

Very friendly with lifting and loading the truck.

I would do business with them again.

Jimmy Gaylord, Radian Network Consulting - Sun Prairie, WI
Fast service, affordable rates, friendly agents, and excellent documentation.

I can't recommend you enough! Thanks!

Roger Werndli - Belleville, WI
I was very happy to hear about File 13 E-Waste Solutions electronic recycling service.

They were very prompt in picking up my TV, VCR & satellite reciever at what I thought was a reasonable price.

I would recommend File 13 to anyone who needs to dispose of their electronics.

Christina Johnson - Waunakee, WI
My husband and I were just a day away from moving out of our house. While packing we discovered multiple electronic items (car stereo, computer system w/accessories) that we had stored over the years. During my internet search for places to discard old computers I came upon the site for File 13. It was more than what I was looking for. I called the next morning and hours later they were at my house to pick up my old car stereo and computer system. If I had not already packed my old cell phones, those would have been included as well.
- Courteous over the phone and during pick up
- Very quick service
- Convenient home pick up
- Take all electronic equipment large or small
- Reasonable prices
- Very professional 

John Evanson - Madison, WI
Finally! A responsible e-waste recycler in the Wisconsin area.
Wisconsin is waking up and File 13 is providing a great service in leading the way!

Edward Wallander - Madison, WI
I think Ed was waiting with a cart to help me unload my computer and monitor before I was even parked.

Thanks for making it so easy to be environmentally friendly.