*Appointments Recommended for Drop-Off*

​​Our Mission
     File 13 is a secure and responsible disposal path for discarded electronics supporting the following principals:


​​​​Serve our Planet:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 
     We strive to operate as efficiently as possible, to minimize our carbon footprint, to re-purpose usable equipment and parts, and to reclaim valuable raw materials from e-waste for reuse in the manufacture of new technology, thereby decreasing the demands on our planet’s finite resources.  
     We ship exclusively to e-Steward and/or R2 Certified recyclers, thereby ensuring that all data is destroyed, all hazardous materials are disposed of in the most socially and environmentally responsible manner here in the USA, and recycling workers are ensured a safe work environment. 

3008 Meier Rd 
Madison WI 53718 US

Open for appointments 9-4 Weekdays / Closed 11:30-12:30

​9-3 Saturday / Closed 11-1

Please note that when File 13 accepts material for recycling, you acknowledge the transfer of custody, ownership,

and control of said material to File 13 for responsible electronics recycling.

File 13 reserves the right to refuse any objectionable material.

​​Serve People:  Provide Excellent Customer Service. 
     We exist to serve our customers, and our planet. As a small family owned and operated company, we are uniquely positioned to provide exactly the service you require, in exactly the way that works best for you.  We respond quickly to questions, and to requests for service. 
     With our GPS routed fleet, we strive to be exactly where you need us, exactly when you need us.  

Serve the Workforce:  Create a safe, respectful, fair, democratic workplace and keep these jobs in the USA. 
     From the person who sweeps the warehouse to the top decision maker - we believe that every person in our organization plays a critical role in our success.  Our goal is to attract and retain the best and brightest by sharing that success with our people with the end goal of being completely worker owned.

Convenient Electronics Recycling in Madison

Weekdays 9-4 (Closed 11:30-12:30), Saturdays 9-11 and 1-3

We offer convenient drop off by appointment, fast commercial pick-up service, and ship exclusively to e-Steward and/or R2 certified recyclers. 
Call, or e-mail us- we look forward to serving you!